Creative Ways to Enjoy Sparkling Water at Home and On the Go

Creative Ways to Enjoy Sparkling Water at Home and On the Go

Sparkling water has become very popular over the years as an alternative to sugary sodas. There is high versatility in sparkling water and there are so many creative ways to enjoy this fizzy beverage which will be discussed at length in the article below.

A popular way to improve the flavour of Zip sparkling water Sydney is to infuse it with fruits, spices, herbs etc. You can experiment with different combinations depending on your preferences. You can choose your favourite fruits for the infusion. For example, you can try strawberry and basil together. Or if you are looking for something refreshing, you can try lemon and lavender or cucumber and mint. You can add the ingredients of your choice to a pitcher of sparkling water and it can steep for a few hours in the fridge so that you can enjoy a refreshing and flavourful beverage. You can customise this according to the taste preferences of your guests, family members etc. You can have sparkling water as the base for mocktails. You don’t always need to have alcohol to have a good time and you can create delicious mocktails with sparkling water by combining syrups, fruit juices, garnishes etc. so that you can create signature drinks. You can create refreshing mocktails with fresh mint, lime juice and a splash or simply syrup. sparkling water can bring all of this together.

You can also freeze sparkling water into ice cubes

And they can be blended into frosted slushies. You can add frozen berries to the slushy along with a bit of honey and fruit juice. This will add natural sweetness to the drink. You can also blend pineapple chunks, coconut milk and vanilla for a tropical drink. You can also look for a soda machine so that you can get even more creative with your  sparkling water combinations. This will allow you to experiment with varying levels of carbonation and flavours. With experimentation, you can arrive at a beverage that perfectly suits your preferences. You can look into flavours like root beer, cola, elderflower etc. You can also make sparkling water cocktails by having it take the place of traditional mixers like soda or tonic water. You can use this in cocktails like a vodka soda or gin and tonic. The bubbly texture of sparkling water will add a refreshing twist to the cocktail. This is also a great way to bring down the calories of the drink.

On-the-go hydration

Can be improved by using a portable infusion bottle that comes with a built-in infuser. This way, you can enjoy flavourful sparkling water wherever you go. You can add your favourite herbs, fruits etc. into the infuser along with sparkling water so that they can steep. You can also have a DIY sparkling water bar set up along with an array of fresh fruits, syrups and herbs so that guests can mix and match flavours. Another option is homemade sparkling water popsicles that can be made with your favourite fruits, herbs and sparkling water. These can be combined in a popsicle mould and you can freeze them so that a guilt-free frozen treat can be created.