Tips for Building a Christmas Elf Collection

Tips for Building a Christmas Elf Collection

Many families have traditions involving the Christmas elf and this is a great way to add a lot of fun to the season. If you are planning to build up a collection of elves and accessories, we have a small guide for you in the article below.

Before you start purchasing elves left, right and centre,

You need to think about a theme so that you can focus your efforts. For example, you can choose contemporary designs for the elves or vintage elves. There are also other themes such as occupations, holidays, sports, elf with special needs etc. Choosing a theme is a great way to create a meaningful collection. You can also have different themes within as well so that you can mix and match. You can do a lot of research regarding Christmas elves so that you have a good idea of the variety of options available. You can check out elves at speciality stores, online marketplaces, antique shops etc. so that you can find interesting and unique elves. You may also be able to find stores that customise elves so that you can have something truly unique. You can join social media groups, online forums and local collector clubs so that you can find other likeminded people and share ideas on how you can expand your Christmas elf collection.

You can start small and build your elf collection over the years.

If you treat it like a race, you will not be able to choose things that resonate with your theme or preferences. You need to think about quality over quantity. You can be patient when it comes to choosing elves and you can actually search different stores and keep tabs on the different elves available so that you can make a final design after going through all the options. It is fine to start with a small number of elves and this can actually be the start of the story. You can tell your children that the first elf you choose is the elf that is assigned to the house and they will be inviting more friends over once they have a good look around the place.

You can mix and match

Different styles, materials and designs for the elves as long as it suits the big picture. You can add to the visual interest by placing modern and traditional elf figures together. You can also try out different textures, colours and sizes so that more depth can be added to the collection. You are limited only by your imagination when choosing elves and creating beautiful or funny scenery with them. To add some uniqueness to your collection, you can keep watch for special editions, limited edition releases etc. There are collector items that can be found. Make sure to preserve the Christmas elf carefully such as keeping them away from dust and storing them in protective cases the rest of the year. You can store them out of direct sunlight and make sure that you don’t expose them to direct sunlight much as it can cause the figures to fade.