Things to do Before Going on An Off-road Adventure

Things to do Before Going on An Off-road Adventure

Off-roading in a powerful vehicle often involves climbing tall rocky hills, blasting through sand dunes, moving through mud pits, and crossing strong rivers. Essentially the dream weekend for the more adventurous amongst us. And while we know that you can’t wait for the weekend to come so that you can hop in the 4×4 and head for the hills, we always recommend that you check certain things in your car before setting off so that you don’t have any unexpected surprises halfway through the journey.

One of the things that you need to be aware of when off-roading, is that no journey is 100% safe. Due to the nature of the outdoors you might find yourself in a sticky situation and in need of a tow. This is when redarc tow pro switch insert comes in handy. It helps with the towing process immensely and you won’t have to worry about breakdowns. Check them out for all kinds of car-related accessories.

So, what are the things that you want to check up on before heading out for the wilderness? Well first you will want to check on the basics. What are the basics? These are things that you don’t need to take anything apart for. Things like the wiper fluid, coolants and oil, the brake fluid, your differentials etc. By checking on these essentials you do two things. One, you try to ensure that the car doesn’t run into any issues due to negligence which is always a good thing, and two, you buy yourself some free peace of mind. These are all small checkups that will only take a few minutes. And you would be better off making them.

After checking the fluids, make sure that you check the tyre pressures too, and make sure that they are inflated to the correct PSI. If you’re going on the highway, especially because going fast on the highway on low-pressure tyres can cause major damage to the sidewalls and force you to buy new tyres faster.

Other thing that you need to check up on are the ball joints. The ball joints and wheel bearings are very important and if you want to check them you will need to jack up the 4×4 and secure the front of the vehicle. Afterwards, you need to hold them by the tyre from the top and the bottom and move the tyres in and out, you should also check from side to side. If there is a lot of play in the wheel, then you likely have a bit of a problem, and you should get it looked into.

In addition, make sure that you tell your loved ones about the trip. By informing people where you will be going, it adds another layer of security to your trip so that people know where to look for you in case you go missing due to some error. The more detailed you can describe where you are going the better. Tell them where exactly you are going and there is a higher likelihood of them finding you in case something goes wrong.